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Grace Lloyd

Sports Therapy - Cupping - Recovery Massage 

A graduate of Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Grace is a talented, knowledgeable and strong massage therapist. She has focused her continuing education on clinical massage therapy, building a repertoire of sports, orthopedic and therapeutic techniques, with the intention of providing her clients with the best level of care that she can provide. Having experience working with both chiropractors and physical therapists, she understands how to get into more difficult areas of tension and release them through deep and technical methods.
Deep Tissue is her favorite modality, considering it to be very versatile and often misunderstood; she most often utilizes it with a friendly elbow when bringing relief to anyone from office workers to athletes. She works closely and with compassion towards her clients, communicating and adapting her touch and pressure to what they most need during their session. Outside of massage, Grace enjoys spending time with her two cats, writing her book, being distracted from writing by reading other books, and exploring her passions in music and cooking.

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Accepting bookings:

Sunday 1pm-6pm

Monday 1pm-6pm

Wednesday 1pm-6pm

Thursday 1pm-6pm

Friday 1pm-6pm

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