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Josh Nunn

Structural Integration
Clinical Massage Therapy
Sports Nutrition and Supplementation


Josh is one of those ellusive native Austinites - born and raised in the heart of Texas. He rowed, cycled and triathlon'ed his way through an undergraduate in Kinesology from UT-Austin and massage training at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage. It was at the latter where he found the practical application of the Anatomy and Movement education he felt an inner-drive to pursue. Feeling the need to expand his life experience outside of Texas, Josh moved to New York in 2007 where he began apprenticing as a building developer. Through a grueling and successful 7-story rebuild on Chambers Street in Tribeca, the dream quickly faded as the 2008 financial crash hit hard. Turning back to his enjoyment as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Josh began a private practice the West Village. Obtaining his New York state license at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, he next set his sight on obtaining a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Before getting accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical School, Josh attended Rolfer and Author Tom Myer's Structural Integration (SI) school in Walpole ME, and began practicing the SI 12-series concurrently as he started his DPT program. Disillusioned with the medical/insurance model (which halts treatment after 12 PT sessions - even if the patient's injuries aren't fully resolved), Josh left SUNY Downstate after his first year and moved to sunny Perth Australia. With his partner and SI practitioner Dr. Kathy Menon, he opened up Structural Integration Perth. During the next 3 years, they grew their practice into 2 locations and worked with both Gonstead and Kinesiology based chiropractors. They both attended the Knoff Yoga RYT-200 Teacher Training Program (a demanding Iyengar-based yoga style) and studied Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Paul Chek of the the CHEK Institute in San Diego. Living, working and studying on the other side of the globe for 3 years was one of his greatest adventures. In 2015 Josh moved to Boston and for the next 5 years practiced out of South Boston Yoga - with owner, SI practioner and yoga-teacher David Vendetti. While in Boston, Josh was able to work with world-class academics, conductors and movement therapists. In March of 2020, Josh moved back to Central Texas to be closer to his family. Due to the pandemic, he fully transitioned his practice into Health and Wellness Coaching via diet and supplementation at Hill Country Health Store in Marble Falls. 

As of March 2023, Josh opened up Austin Lifetime Massage in the heart of downtown Austin where he and Grace are excited to launch their bid to assuage the tight shoulders and stiff backs of Austinites... and then take over the world!!! 





University of Texas

BS - Kinesiology - Biomechanics and Sports Science


SUNY Downstate Medical School

BS - Physical Therapy Department


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (+550hrs)


TX #MT048682

Lauterstein Conway Massage School (+500hrs)

NY #023995


Kinesis Structural Integration (aka Rolfing)


CHEK Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Knoff Yoga Teacher Training, Cairns AUS


Active Release Techniques - Full Body Certified


Lotus Palm Institute - Thai Massage


USRA Certified Rowing Coach - Level 1


ACE Certified Personal Trainer


South Boston Yoga Pilates Mat Certification

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